Tuesday, 22 July 2008

consider a consort


Dressed up in her going-out frock; one of many; only she alone knew the difference between them; she would have been friendlily greeted whichever frock she happened to wear, as much so had she not worn a frock at all! What she did not realise and what her magazines; due to their funding providers mostly slithered amongst the psychological brutality that is the fashion industry; failed to inform her was that the people who didn't like her wouldn't ever tell her and those that did were usually only interested as to obtain some personal gain such as company or social interaction; the frock mattered not except to other frock wearers which happened to be the majority of people she was inclined to meet, this was a pure accident of geography of course, had she been born in another era a completely different style of frock would be appropriate and at some locations it would be expected to wear no frock at all! this however didn't even occur to her as she left the house. Good morning, he said to the squirrels he could see making use of the tree making use of the ground in almost direct view of his kitchen window, it was in-fact just gone afternoon, what a fool he would have felt had he known! See I am good at conversation as long as I don't have to participate in the talking, I am especially good when there is more than one other person taking part and I ned not even get involved at all, Right then, all my wits gathered and outside we go! He asked the question knowing that the answer would be of no use to him whatsoever, but hearing her speak in his direction was probably the desired effect,There should probably be one along any minuet now, she shrilled, However long it was to be, still I would have to wait till it arrived and knowing how long it would be would not change this situation. Puddles were everywhere, lying in wait for someone to fall into or for a car tyre to deflect them onto a pedestrian but the people were cunning and came prepared with umbrellas and waterproof overcoats- But try telling the puddles this! He felt wind building up near the exit point of his large intestines amongst the residue together with waste pigments, dead cells and bacteria pressed into faeces and stored for excretion; he knew from experience that to let it out would produce a funny smell so he held it within so as not to cause her disgust, he also thought it more polite not to playfully clap her rump or to grasp her from behind with his hands cupping her breasts; aren't manners so alien to us! I must have that look upon my face that says I have no need of want for her to suddenly stick her tongue in my mouth! How to change this particular expression he knew not, he found himself considering and confirming how attractive she is, he imagined she would be a suitable companion to share perhaps a meal with or to walk with or to sit with, on a park bench or similar place, maybe if the opportunity came up to share experiences of visiting exciting new countries, Yes to be crouching in the Ugandan Jungle witnessing gorillas playful in their natural habitat then turning to her and being witness to her face of adulation, that would be nice, yes after all this time of isolation such company would be most welcome. A lifetime of horrors awaits me if I do not gain her this day! I should be so glad to discompose myself of the exhaustion of engraved melancholic mediations. His own thoughts habitually playing new tricks upon himself for their own amusement, he set about the mechanisms to turn simultaneously his neck and eyes to face leftwards; as this was the direction she was standing; he noticed the tiniest of freckles perched on her top lip, My pupils must be huge to take in such detail! again he confirmed she is indeed beautiful, perhaps the most ever of all the... Oh What Difference Does It Fucking Make! he found himself shouting at this compilation of thoughts, his head returned forward facing as he knew it would. Then it parked up. She got on first. He watched her step up with his x-ray eyes. Before approaching he farted then calmly boarded the bus, his life was littered with romantic instances such as this.